Now a cleansed Swami Pushkarani to bath in

TTD had a hectic task of cleansing the Tirumala Pilgrim Spots including Swami Pushkarani before the commencement of this year's annual festivities. Ceremonious temple cleansing were done and during cleansing rituals the temple premises remained closed in intervals for some days and devotees were allowed in short numbers in comparison to a usual day to manage crowd during rituals. Shortly afterwards nine days long annual Brahmotsavam celebrated and concluded at Tirumala and thousands cleansed themselves bathing in Swami Pushakarani before worshipping the Lord at the Temple of Sri Balaji Venkateswara.

Heavenly Ocean. Holy Bath

Swami Pushkarani

Swami Pushkarani Celestial Ocean Earthly Waters

What’s Ganges to The Himalayas is Swami Pushkarani to the Easern Ghats. Cleanses and purifies all devotees of Lord Sri Balalji. A dip in its pure waters is dream come true for millions of pilgrims. Every day thousands and thousands take bath in its purity and cleanses their soul. By myth Pushkarani is  the Palazhi, the celestial ocean, the abode of Lord Maha Vishnu.

This is a single spot in the whole world where billions take bath make it more curious a dip for the freshers. For frequenters its the custom to bath before entering temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara.

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Beware of the Depths of Swami Pushkarani

Take Care while Taking Bath in Swami Pushkarani

Brahmotsavam in full swing and records more pilgrim footfalls this season

Though seems shallow waters on the steps, Swami Pushkarani is deep elsewhere, cautioning bathers to restrict their bath to Holy Dips as an advisable option for children and those who cant swim.