Beware while trekking Alipiri

Thanks to TTD Afforestation Initiative Wild Elephants are Back in Seshachalam Hills. After a long absence of decades in local extinction Asiatic Wild Elephants are back in Sheshachalam Bio Reserve and roam free on the green rich hills.

Eastern Ghats gets greener year after year

Ghats of the Southern Peninsular India, Eastern and Western Ghats were once covered with thick jungles and rich in wild flora and fauna.

Virtually yours,  TTD way

Welcome to Tirumala Navigation

Tirumala Navigation is very much easy as TTD’s successful crowd management system keep on track one’ move in and around Tirumala Temple Town, assisting virtually almost all navigation points. Start it with ONLINE DARSHAN BOOKING, by which one is allotted a particular day date and time with an acknowledgement as your turn number and reporting time at the start of darshan Q, having clear instructions of where and when. How to reach Tirupati, the base town is all what one manages oneself. If one opt for traditional footpath from Tirupati, head to Alipiri by any means, available round the clock. If it is in early hours, one would sure be granted with a Divya Darshan registration on the way up and a time to report be allotted to some 15000 pilgrims in first come first serve mode starting at        00 hrs. Steep foot hill task is assisted with one’s luggage drop at base counter that is being transported uphill by TTD luggage carrier vans and be collected on top when ever one reaches there or on return after Darshan. This is the very counter which delivers one’s mobiles, handbags and slippers what one deposits later at the entry counter on security check. It’s close to Tirupati bound Bus Station near to Eastern side of Temple, or Gate marked E. Walk up on the right side when steps out of E Gate to collect luggage, phones and slippers.

If one choose Ghat road by bus, buses ply from any where in Tirupati to Tirumala some 20 kilo meters uphill. By chartered taxis, autos, shared private vehicles or by one's own vehicle, reach atop at Bus Station near E Gate. Enter E gate and walk straight the paved path towards temple. Stand at the Vinayaka Temple facing Sri Balaji Temple, sets one's compass as standing on East, facing west towards temple that's oriented to east.  On the left side is Kalyanakatta, tonsuring place and common comfort station for baths and naps.  On right of temple, Swami Pushkarani and beyond that is Varaha Murthy temple to pay homage before entering main temple. Yonder on its precedent building, Anna prasada is served for free anytime you wanna have it. A best meal with nuts and dry fruits aplenty, it rejuvenates the body from its tiredness of trekking up. To get in Q, reach on the far west side, on stipulated entry counters where tea and milk served free, purified water is available when one's thirsty. So is toilets and bath rooms. Just look around. To get any gate entry or spots on circular road circumnavigating Lord Balaji temple, catch any Sri Vari decorated radha model buses plying around taking pilgrims to and fro from one point to another for free.
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Sandalwood Plantation at Tirumala

Pure sandal is offered to Balaji Sri Venkateswara and tons of kilos are required every now and then. The reserve sandalwood forest developed around TTD now grows sandal trees in abundance that could meet their sandal requirements for the next 200+ years. Well maintained and watered during summer, it is one of the largest sandal reserves in the world.  Sri Venkateswara National Park is home to the famous Tirumala Limniace Blue Tiger Butterfly.

Tirumala Limniace Exoticus, Oriental Blue Tiger

Butterflies of Tirumala Hills

Its breeding time for Tirumala Limniace Exoticus, oriental blue tiger in Seshachalam Hills

Thanks to Afforestation programs, blooming flowers in the Sheshachalam Slopes of Tirumala Bio reserve and well maintained TTD Garden above, the green stretch of seven hills becomes the safe breeding haven for Tirumala Limniace Exoticus, oriental blue tiger class of butterflies commonly seen in Eastern and Western Ghats.