Mercury Rises Up in Tirupati

Temperature soars in Tirupati

As the festive mood gears up in Tirupati, temperature soars up. Changing  climate and rushing vehicular traffic and its carbon emission may help shoot up heat and humidity. Thanks to green cover of afforested Sheshachala Mountain ranges, up in the Tirumala Hills its little bit calm compared to the valley down. Still pilgrims in thousands flow in to take part annual  Brahmotsavam happening there.

Heavenly Ocean and Holy Bath

Swami Pushkarani

What’s Ganges to The Himalayas is Swami Pushkarani to the Easern Ghats. Cleanses all devotees of Lord Sri Balalji. A dip in its pure waters is dream come true for millions of pilgrims. Every day thousands and thousands and some times even millions take bath in its purity and cleanses their soul. By myth Pushkarani is  the Palazhi, the celestial ocean, the abode of Lord Maha Vishnu.

This is a single spot in the whole world where billions take bath make it more curious a dip for the freshers. For frequenters its the custom to bath before entering temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara.

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Lakhs of Pilgrims throng to Sri Venkatesha Temple for annual Brahmotsavam

Brahmotsavam in full swing and records more pilgrim footfalls this season

Rituals and sevas well attended by lakhs of devotees from all part of the world take part in every day possession singing, dancing and chanting Govinda to mark the occasion of Brahmotsavam at Tirumala


9 Days of Bhakti, Devotion and Rituals

Brahmotsavam in full swing and records more pilgrim footfalls this season

Amidst chanting of hymns and singing of Bhajans, the rituals rendered to ongoing Brahmotsvam make it a once in lifetime lifetime for the devoted lot. The annual festival celebrated with much grandeur attracts more pilgrims this season as the limited Darsan allowed during the cleansing period restricted Pilgrim footfall to a one third and all the rest frequenters were eagerly waiting for Brahmotsavam to commence their frequent visit to their family temple.

Srivari Dharmaradham


Srivari Dharmaradham, the free bus plying about the Temple town in Tirumala is a boon to the aged to see all of Tirumala in one go.  Thanks to TTD mission of free mobility, pilgrims find it more convenient to have a Srivari to go to Museum or Parking area, Tirupati Bound Bus Station, North Nada, Luggage Delivery Area with ease and comfort, but no circumnavigating is not permitted as the buses tend to ply clockwise and anti-clockwise once it stops at far south.

Don’t rush to each Srivari Radh as the last one as many a Radha ply around in few minutes interval.

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Brahmotsavam in full swing and records more pilgrim footfalls this season

Tirumala Tirupati Twin Temple Towns are celebrating this years annual Brahmotsavam

Beware of the Depths of Swami Pushkarani

Take Care while Taking Bath in Swami Pushkarani

Brahmotsavam in full swing and records more pilgrim footfalls this season

Though seems shallow waters on the steps, Swami Pushkarani is deep elsewhere, cautioning bathers to restrict their bath to Holy Dips as an advisable option for children and those who cant swim.

Tonsure the Most Performed offering at Tirumala

Tonsure thy Head at Tirumala

Abstain from Tips while Tonsuring Hair

It’s Free. It’s an offering to Lord Sri Venkateswara. It’s done at Kalyanakatta any time at Darshan timings. Bath facilities are close by. Tea is provided free of cost. No fee means no tips please.


Sandalwood Plantation at Tirumala

Pure sandal is offered to Balaji Sri Venkateswara and tons of kilos are required every now and then. The reserve sandalwood forest developed around TTD now grows sandal trees in abundance that could meet their sandal requirements for the next 200+ years. Well maintained and watered during summer, it is one of the largest sandal reserves in the world.  Sri Venkateswara National Park is home to the famous Tirumala Limniace Blue Tiger Butterfly.


Know Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Before you set for Darshan

At Tirumala Temple Town Everything Comes FREE as Prasada except Darshan that's charged against Laddu Prasada

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam is the supreme authority above the hills and its base camps down the trekking paths besides all pilgrim centers near Tirupati Railway Station who manages and controls all actions associated with crowd management, allocation of rest rooms, setting time and date for each and sundry to do hassle free darshan through online booking and issue of various seva tickets for respective rituals and accommodate no vendors or middlemen to maintain transparency. First come first served is the priority for both online and counter services. Food is served free, luggage is carried up hill free of cost and delivered at the very single delivery counter close to EAST GATE where you can deposit mobiles, hand bags, valuables free of cost.  Enter east gate towards the temple and you are at the Anjaneya Temple from where get an orientation to identify your navigation. While you face Sri Venkatesvara Temple you are orienting towards WEST from the EAST Side of the temple, ie the Temple faces the rising sun.   Free Comfort station is on the SOUTH GATE STREET adjacent to Kalyanakatta where your family can bath, rest and sleep under one roof as commoners do in pilgrimage. Free tea, coffee and milk is served at various TTD kiosks and hoteliers’ charge should be checked before you order. Tonsure of hair at Kalyanakatta is done free against the token issued by TTD and no charges or daksinas.  Swami Pushkarani is towards the NORTH Gate so close to temple with bath ghats and changing rooms. On this way North Hate on right side beyond swami Pushkarani  is Anna Prasada or Food as Prasada free of cost any time you want to have it from morning till midnight. The temple of Sri Varaha Swami Temple where one ought to pray before Sri Balaji is on the left side here. At West gate area, entry to temple is channelized through various queues and Bio Metric Identification is Mandatory for Temple Entry and Subsequent Darshan.  If you are staying down at Tirupati, always remember the Ghat Road reminds closed after midnight till early morning for safety measures for the plying buses.

Laddu Prasada

Laddu Prasada Featured in National Geographic India’s Mega Kitchens

Brahmotsavam in full swing and records more pilgrim footfalls this season

Tirupati Laddu, as the devotees call it, queuing up to bring it home is as auspicious as darshan in Tirumala. But its making remained some what a mystery to those pilgrims who long to have it in return were amazed to see it on National Geographic Channel’s series on India’s Mega Kitchens. Its sacredness in making, mixing up of ingredients in its pure form and the rituals associated with the offering is brilliantly covered in this video premiered on air some time back and now streaming in youtube with millions of views.

Tirumala Hills witness unprecedented pilgrim flow

It’s Holy Time In Tirumala

Brahmotsavam is on. Jubilant Pilgrims in Thousands throng to the Hemple Hills to Witness Annual Festivities.

The closure for purification may be the reason why this much of pilgrim rush is witnessed on the hills during Bbrahmotsam, now ceremoniously conducts at the temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara Tirumala.

The closure for purification may be the reason why this much of pilgrim rush is witnessed on the hills during Bbrahmotsam, now ceremoniously conducts at the temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara Tirumala.


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Going up the Hill, the traditional way in Tirumala

Alipiri Footpath a Hot Favorite Among Seasoned Pilgrims

Medical Assistance, Clean Drinking Water and Sheltered Walkway, the footpath is the hot favorite Pilgrims of all Class of Life

With its 3550 steps uphill about 12 kilometers  Alipiri Footpath still remains the most sought after way to the Abode of Lord Venkateswara Swami. Now having all amenities and care for the trekking pilgrims in first aid assistance and food courts, the way up is little more easier than the yesteryears. Fully paved path ways smeared in ashes and Kumkum. Some crawl up chanting hymns. Others make it easier Chanting GOVINDA GOVINDA aloud in unison making the atmosphere vibrate with echoes of Govinda Mantra.

Tirumala Limniace Exoticus, Oriental Blue Tiger

Butterflies of Tirumala Hills

Its breeding time for Tirumala Limniace Exoticus, oriental blue tiger in Seshachalam Hills

Thanks to Afforestation programs, blooming flowers in the Sheshachalam Slopes of Tirumala Bio reserve and well maintained TTD Garden above, the green stretch of seven hills becomes the safe breeding haven for Tirumala Limniace Exoticus, oriental blue tiger class of butterflies commonly seen in Eastern and Western Ghats.

Tatkal Made Easy


Tatakal Made simple enabling Pilgrims the Option to Go By Rail at Short Notice

3 simple procedures make your rail ride hazzle free, thanks to IRCTC, the ticketing and vending giant of Indian Railways. As like general reservation, tatkal is now granted pay later once your tickets get confirmed eliminating 15 days refund delay on an undelivered service.

Step 1. Register to IRCTC portal, tendering Adhaar or PAN info and chose pay-on-delivery option while booking

Step 2. Receive Instant SMS/e-mail delivery and collect ticket within 24 hours of booking at your door step and pay by cash or swipe.

Step 3. For virtual lovers, pay online through the payment link received on booking.


Happy journey; your wallet need not to wait for half a month after the journey to get that precious money refunded.

IRCTC, Indian Railways Catering and Ticketing Corporation handles online ticketing to Indian Railways and processes over 1 million tatkal tickets every day.

To book navigate to irctc.com/tatkal

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Sivari Sevaks, Mumbai Dabba Walla likes in Tirumala Hills

Be a Volunteer, Sivari Sevaks make it Great at Tirumala

Be a Sevak for A Day, Unique Service in Tirumala

Volunteering during the days of peek pilgrim days is now a passion for devotees of Tirumala Deva as thousands join the sivari sevak volunteering programs to facilitate pilgrims with ease and comfort for their pilgrimage and darshan at Tirumala.